SpaceMan Features

Color-Code Floor Plans

Turn your floor plans into business graphics so that you can track the dynamics of how your property is performing. For example, color-coding a retail floor plan on Sales per SF is an interesting graphic but - when compared to a floor plan color-coded by lease expiration - it becomes a tool by which you can develop a better strategy for maximizing your asset.

SpaceMan also provides you with tools to capture the image to include in another document or even for publication on your web site.

Re-Demise Space / Lease Exhibits

Your leasing staff can load SpaceMan on laptops and visit a prospective tenant to show available spaces and even subdivide spaces which produces instantaneous rentable area calculations as well as a high-quality lease exhibit. This would enable a quicker acceptance of premise leases based on these exhibits.

Track Options

SpaceMan also supports Option data. When using the software a red light indicator is activated when your cursor hovers over a space that is encumbered by an option. Option tables are customized to inform users of the encumbrances such as Right of First Refusal, Expansion or Cancellation to name a few.

Links to Other Systems

While you can import data into SpaceMan from virtually any source, PlanData has developed links to other real estate tracking systems such as MRI and we are working on more. As long as you can export your data out of your current system, we can import it in and configure your data to get the most out of your floor plans.

Easy to Use

You don’t have to be an experienced CAD operator or Computer Programmer to use SpaceMan. With on site or web training, PlanData will have your staff using our SpaceMan software in no time.

The user friendly interface enables even the most casual PC user to modify lease related data, generate color coded floor plans, create stacking diagrams, run reports and produce lease exhibits. They can even create scenarios, re-demise spaces and produce area calculations for proposed layouts. Just point and click

Industry Standard Files

Our SpaceMan software is designed to read Microsoft Access database files and CAD files such as AutoCAD. Using Microsoft Access databases enables us to link your accounting data to each space within a property and provides the flexibility to customize the database to your needs.

Reading industry standard CAD files enables us to utilize floor plans you may have for your properties already. The Microsoft Access and CAD engines are built into SpaceMan so you don’t need to purchase additional software. Once more, SpaceMan enables you to import or export data to other applications such as word processors, spreadsheets and CAD files.