EAP and Fire Safety Drawings

EAP's and Fire Safety Drawings are becoming mandatory in many parts of the country. Let PlanData help you create these documents based on todays current standards and requirements. Once these drawings are complete, updating them to newer standards is much less time consuming and less stressful.

  • Emergency Action Plans: During a workplace emergency, an EAP can help facilitate and organize employer and employee actions. A well developed emergency action plan along with proper employee training (were employees understand their roles and responsibilities within the plan) will result in fewer employee injuries and hopefully minimize structural damage to the facility during these emergencies. A poorly prepared plan, will lead to a chaotic evacuation or emergency response, resulting in agitation, confusion, injury, and property damage.
  • Fire Safety Drawings: PlanData can work with your Fire Director and Life Safety vendors and create Fire Safety drawings per current standards and requirements. Let us document the evacuations routes, fire barriers, warden phone, sprinker valves and any other details needed for your fire department.
  • CAD files are submitted via CD, e-mail or FTP site.
  • Document Retrieval available.
  • Graphic files included. PDF, Bitmap, JPG and TIFF.
Fire Safety Plan Sample