LeaseMan Features

Easy to Use

LeaseMan incorporates an innovative interface designed to make it easy to find the information you want without having to navigate through a myriad of menus and screens. The menu based on a scanned image of the 1-page Property Summary report so, if a user knows where the information is on the report, he or she can find it in the system.

LeaseMan also allows you to navigate through your leases in a “tree-view” sorted hierarchically by location or based on its status. In short, LeaseMan offers the powerful tools to track complicated lease-related date in the most uncomplicated manner so that you spend your time managing your lease portfolio and not the system.

Critical Dates

LeaseMan has been designed with particular emphasis on the most volatile issue related to leases: Critical Dates. Certain dates are “hard-wired” such as original occupancy, rent commencement, lease commencement and lease expiration.

An unlimited number of option dates are also included such as cancellation options, renewal options and expansion options. We use the term critical lease dates for this information since it is these dates, which are written into a legal document and require some action, that make them volatile.

Automated Alerts

LeaseMan allows the user to define what lease dates he or she is reminded about when they run LeaseMan. There are also tools that allow the user to enter alert dates that are not necessarily legally-defined lease dates or not even connected directly to a lease itself. Other tools have been built in to e-mail information.

Track Contacts & Documents

You can use LeaseMan to track contacts associated with leases along with any documents that are lease-related. Leases, CAD Plans, aerial photos, etc. can all be accessed through LeaseMan's interface. Documents are stored at the property level making it simple to find exactly what you are looking for.

Hierarchical Groupings

LeaseMan allows you to group leases hierarchically so that you have maximum flexibility when printing reports. For example, you may track leases by business type, by geographic regions or a combination.

The user can group leases to three hierarchical levels and reports can be printed based on any of the levels. If a group of leases switch from one hierarchical breakdown to another, the user can make that modification just once, and all the effected leases will be reassigned.

Efficient Tools / Efficient Price

LeaseMan is designed to empower lease managers with the proper tools to manage a lease portfolio at a cost in line with their budget. At the same time, the reports included in LeaseMan are formatted for maximum efficiency so that the most important information is conveyed in the most effective way.

All this is accomplished without sacrificing flexibility since the reports and data can be exported for any ad hoc needs. Finally, since LeaseMan stores data in a relational database, existing lease-related data can be imported into LeaseMan.